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Exercising For Fitness


Exercise is great for all bodies, whether able bodied or not. It works to strengthen our hearts, bones and muscles, not to mention it helps us to shed some unwanted pounds and all-important inches from our bodies. It helps boost our mood, keeps us flexible, helps with our mobility and keeps our circulatory systems in good working order. In short, exercise is something that every body can benefit from.

We have all learned from an early age that keeping that body moving, eating a good nutritious diet, keeping away from smoking and drinking alcohol in moderate amounts keeps us healthy, but what if you have a disability?

Some people may think that just because you have a disability means that you are unhealthy. If you are disabled yourself or know someone who is, you know this is just not true. Sure, if you are confined to a wheelchair you won’t be able to use a treadmill or a stair climber, but there are things that you can do that keep you in tip top shape.

Keeping fit with a disability will be different for everyone. The key is to find what fits your needs best and go with it, no matter what. Tailoring a work out for you may be tricky at first, but with a little trial and error, and some help from a trainer or other gym personnel you will soon be on your way to a fit and healthy you.

Everyone, whether able bodied or disabled can get easily distracted from their fitness goals. The best thing to do is to give yourself little easy to attain goals. You can keep track of these goals quite easily using a chalkboard, whiteboard or even your phone, computer or an assistive device. When you reach each goal you should reward yourself so that you are more apt to keep up the great work and attain that next goal. Friends and family are usually great people to have in your corner when you are starting a new fitness regime. They may be able to partner up with you or go along to the gym or fitness center with you for moral support. Get them involved because it’s always great to share success with someone you love!

Disabled, able bodied or somewhere in between, all bodies should seek medical advice before starting any new workouts. Just make sure what you are trying to do is safe and not going to hurt you or be unsafe for your condition. Start slow and build as your confidence grows, no one is a pro right off the bat. After you have a go-ahead, be sure the gym or center you choose is handicapped accessible and you are good to go! Have fun and good luck!


Having A Healthy Day


Skincare products are there to help you achieve a beautiful natural skin tone. It is however important to note that a healthy lifestyle is equally important if you would like to be happy with your life. Put yourself on a healthy diet and perform some simple body exercises to realize just how much transformation you are able to achieve within a short time.

Before your exercises, it is advisable to have a nutritious breakfast. You can get the aid of a nutritionist or even search online if you have no idea which diet works best for your case. You need to be disciplined to ensure that junk food does not get onto the trolley even by ‘mistake’. A healthy diet provides you with the necessary nutrients required for your routine workouts. Make sure that you take a lot of water during and after your work-out as this is important in keeping your body hydrated and you can therefore maintain moisturized skin.

Body exercise doesn’t have to be done for hours for it to be effective. There are so many people who just dedicate few minutes every day and have seen an impressive body transformation from the workouts. Workout is mostly built on goals. Make it a routine and try different styles that complement each other. Some of the common body exercises recommended for you include yoga and martial arts.

The good thing about these exercises is the fact that they are simple and can be done both indoors. You really don’t have to hire the services of a professional to have a good body or skin tone.

Other readily available items that can help with body exercises include skipping ropes, roller skates and hula hoops. Skipping ropes will work on your arms and lower body parts by toning down the muscles in these areas. Hula hoops are good for your waist area and lower body as well. Try using these items in different ways during your workout.

For instance, use a hula hoop the same way you use a skipping rope by skipping into it as you continuously pass your body through it. Such creativity makes body exercises more productive and fun. After your workout, ensure that you freshen up for the day. Taking a shower relaxes your muscles and also allows you to apply your make-ups on a clean skin surface.

Enjoy your life by having some leisure time whenever you can. This allows you to engage in fun activities such as bike riding and having a walk in the park. This helps you relax your mind from the busy activities you’ve indulged in throughout the day or week.

You could always end your day with a warm shower before having a nutritious dinner. Don’t forget your skin care routine before having a good night sleep. This is one of many ways to change your life and have a good day.


Group Fitness Training


One of the best ways to improve health and maintain a healthy fitness level is through exercise and fitness training. However, not everyone likes to exercise especially when they do not have anyone with them. And so, many health experts actually recommend group fitness training. As with anything, each kind of training comes with its own advantages, so it is worthwhile to determine which type best fits you and your overall goals.

If the boredom and lack of motivation describes you, you should seriously consider group fitness training which is strongly recommended by many health experts. Expert fitness trainers share the advantage of this type of training or exercise.

One of the main advantages of group fitness training, many people ought to know, is that it will provide the motivation to train harder. As you see other people in the class sweating, grunting and overcoming training obstacles, you will be inspired to push past your limitations. When you feel yourself progressing, you get motivated to train consistently, which then allows you to reach your fitness goals faster and be more encouraged to stay fit.

Additionally, training regularly allows you to form a special bond with fellow members of your group fitness training. People in your neighborhood or in your circle of friends can use as a form of accountability. When you know that other people are expecting you to show up, when there are people who actually care about your success, it makes it more difficult to skip a workout or go back to your unhealthy habits.

Fitness training groups offer a wider array of classes, ranging from high-intensity cardio sessions to get your heart pumping, to weight training using a variety of equipment designed to get you functionally fit, and explosively fun boxing classes. This means that you can select classes that fit your personality and goals or perhaps even discover a new passion. As many fitness experts say, finding an activity that you truly enjoy is one of the greatest ways to motivate yourself to train consistently.

And lastly, group training is a great opportunity to meet new people. In these classes, you will meet a diverse number of people, many of which share a common goal with you. This allows you to build a solid network that can help you not only with your fitness goals, but in other aspects of your life as well, including your professional career.


The Perfect Fit for Getting Fit


Imagine a (not-so imaginative) world where the goals of getting more people to workout AND more people to spend time enjoying the outdoors could both be reached with one solution. Now imagine if this ONE solution also created healthier citizens in your community. Instead of trying to get more people to join your local health clubs, what if you brought outdoor fitness equipment to your parks or walking trails and let your citizens use them for free? This will help increase the opportunity for the public to use recreational and fitness facilities at no cost.

When actively taking part in the initiative to create a happier and healthier community and park system, it’s important to choose equipment that offers various exercises in order to give users a strong, balanced workout. Today’s outdoor fitness equipment offers people the same fitness benefits as indoor facilities – at their own pace, on their own schedule and with no membership fees. Since the majority of users are of the 90% who don’t belong to a gym, the equipment caters to those who typically don’t have the time or financial means. It is not meant to take the place of indoor equipment and training centers. It is, however, designed to focus on general flexibility, cardio and muscle strengthening. It is second nature to see colorful playgrounds, picnic tables and park benches in public spaces, outdoor fitness equipment merely provides another site amenity option.

The Science Behind It

In addition to the traditional health benefits, placing fitness equipment in the outdoors also offers nutritional and health benefits as well. Sunshine and fresh air can help with osteoporosis and vitamin D deficiencies. Mental health studies prove that simply being outdoors can also help lower tension and depression levels, with even more studies showing improvement in moods and general well being. Specific studies done on the benefits of exercising outside suggest that the change of scenery can help prolong workouts and alleviate the tedious activities involved.

Indoor and Outdoor Working Together

The question of “why” is asked by many when beginning to consider placing outdoor fitness equipment in their community. While, at first glance, indoor gyms and outdoor fitness areas might appear to disagree with each other, they can actually work together nicely if placed appropriately. It is important to note that the people using outdoor equipment are usually not the same people holding a membership to an indoor gym.

Despite many news stories and studies expressing the benefits of regular exercise, only about 10% of Americans actually use their local fitness centers. While reasons range from busy lifestyles to high membership fees, the biggest hurdle to overcome is appearance and intimidation. The thought of working out next to someone who is more physically fit can have a huge impact on whether an individual takes the first steps to a healthier lifestyle. Outdoor fitness courses are designed to provide levels of challenge for older children and adults. The events can be laid out along a pathway or configured to fit your area. Sign packages explaining the various events and suggestions for physical programs and warm-up/cool-down routines are generally included and there is typically a choice of color options.


Running Shoes and You

As a runner, you know the value and importance of purchasing good, stable running shoes that match your stride, weight, pronation, and all around your foot. When I began running over forty years ago, I ran in any old shoe I found – quite literally found. As a PE teacher, locker clean-out at the end of the year produced numerous nice, fairly new shoes, and as they say, “When the shoe fits, wear it” and so I did. This was back in what I lovingly refer to as our poverty days, so my shoe browsing was of necessity as well as choice. Thousands of miles later, I can now be quite picky.

I run four times a week and put in about 20 miles unless I am training and then, of course, the mileage increases. I have completed one marathon, a terrific and exhilarating accomplishment, however, because of the time and intensity involved in training, I now focus on 2-4 half-marathons per year. With a sound base under me, training is rudimentary and the opportunity to travel to a variety of venues keeps me engaged during workouts as I visualize the new sights and sounds that await me. As I have a bunion on my left foot, my shoe choice is limited to a wide toe box. This if offered by Brooks and Saucony so I must search out stores that carry this brand. The first is getting easier to find while the latter is more difficult, at least in my area. For the marathon I trained and ran in ASICs and loved them, but when I bought my third pair, I found them to be poorly crafted and they wore out in a flash. I questioned sales personnel as the shoes were the same model as I had worn previously and they explained that while the style name and number were the same, the company had been dinking with modifications and I had purchased a lousy pair.

When in a store to buy shoes, be sure to get the clerk who knows and understands running. The “I hate to run” folks probably are not the best resources. Begin with a new pair of running socks. I like them cushiony and a fresh pair has lots of rebound. Try on several shoe models in sizes just up or down from your regular fit. Walk around, shake your toes and heels, test rolling in and out, and try some in-place jogging. Some outlets have a trade-in or money back guarantee so you can take the shoes out on the road or trail. I have never done this so I am not sure how well this offer is backed, but it might be worth a try.

My most recent shoes I purchased online. As they are Brooks, I knew most of the models and knew how the sizes matched my feet. Then they had an online test with questions about my running preferences, style, mileage and goals, and so forth. At the end, certain shoes were recommended. I thought this a good idea and am excited to test my purchase.

Breaking in shoes is fun and it feels good to have brightly colored new footgear. Preferably I have bought the shoes in late spring, early summer, or late fall. Generally the streets are dry then and the back roads have a minimum of powdery dust. I like my new shoes to glimmer with newness for a few days. Since I typically jog just 4-5 miles this is a good distance for getting them acclimated to my feet and my feet to the new shoes. I have also run greater distances with new shoes and never had any problems. This is most likely because I have selected with care.

While price is not the sole indicator of quality, it seems like when I go cheap I get cheap shoes. It pains me to spend $120+ but fortunately this pain does not transfer to my feet. A greater agony is not being able to find shoes that adhere to my feet and running style requirements that are entirely manufactured in the US. I am hoping this is about to change. Happy running, happy feet, and happy me. I hope the same is true with you.