Trash talking Anybody under 21 should be illegal

Akshay Kumar on Children Aarav, Nitara being trolled on the Internet:’Trash talking Anybody under 21 should be illegal’

Since the actor turns 52 today, he has talking about the driving force in his life,message to the youth and he believes there is a need to protect his children — Aarav (16) and Nitara (6), from paparazzi culture. Excerpts:

I wish I could withstand age (laughs), but I am only human. Honestly, the trick is to not do anything to accelerate the procedure, stay as clean as you did when you were small enough to fit in your mother’s arms, literally, if your mother would not want you to consume it/smoke it/drink it, then DON’T DO IT. Training with my son is my main booster these days; I have just finished building our new operational fitness center and both Aarav and I have lost a few kilos and it feels great that no quantity of education or work can keep us from what we love most #Games&Profits.

You need only water and home cooked meals to become whatever you want. [Athlete] Hima Das and myself are living proof that you don’t need steroids and supplements or some other performance enhancing drugs to appear good or be a winner. Please do not fall for small cuts and temporary fake bodies. If you search for short cuts, then expect your life to be cut short. Care for your body as pure as a temple and it will worship you in return.

You have always made it a point to invest birthdays along with your loved ones.

This year I will be celebrating mine and Aarav’s birthday (September 15) biking around London and taking my wife (Twinkle Khanna) and children for a picnic at the park. It is important that no matter what we have happening in our lives, work, movies, school, if we can not stand still and celebrate our birthdays together, I do not know what life is all about, since the only thing I want to do is be with my family on my birthday.

You are not considered much of a party person; is that why you do not really throw large birthday bashes for your business friends?

I just can not spend my days working like I do and partying like they do — it isn’t a bad thing. I commend them for their endurance; I simply have to book my fuel tank if I wish to release four films annually and not seem 52 however, apparently.

Aarav’s images on social media frequently get exposed to nasty remarks by trolls. How can you protect your children and make them resistant to such negativity?

I believe anyone that attempts to exploit kids without consent for their own gain may need to take a good look at the mirror and ask themselves’do they need anyone to do so to their children’? As for the ones that budding toddlers and adolescents, I don’t have any words for that sort of behavior. Trash talking anybody under 21 openly ought to be illegal. It is sad that such a great and powerful technology such as social networking, is tainted by people wanting to hurt, mock, humiliate or merely insist on throwing remarks with no fear of the harm such hate can get the youth. All we can do as parents is, teach our children to be thick skinned and shame those that have the opportunity to hurt others. Star kids have sufficient pressure in life; the world does not have to raise it by trolling innocent kids.

Are you comfortable when your children get clicked in people and their pictures go online without your approval?

It breaks my heart to hear that my six-year-old daughter says she does not need to come out to dinner with her family since the paparazzi will be there and she does not like the flashing lights. Or Aarav not wanting to come for a film because he just finished training and he does not want to manage people saying he seems tired or sweaty on Instagram and I truly don’t blame them. Us as celebrities might have signed up for this but until our children decide to be in any kind of limelight after school years, I do not believe that they ought to be publicly followed or scrutinised, from security for them physically and emotionally. Again, that’s my opinion and like I educate my children, it is your choice whether you choose to get offended by what others say.

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