Back in BJP, ex-Guv Kalyan Singh strikes with a Query on Ram Temple

Back in BJP, ex-Guv Kalyan Singh strikes with a Query on Ram Temple

Kalyan Singh signed the membership form to join the BJP with an occasion hours following ex-union minister Kalraj Mishra succeeded him as Rajasthan governor. 

Kalyan Singh was Rajasthan’s first governor in five years to finish his five-year-term at the gubernatorial office.

“I’m not retiring from politics,” he told reporters shortly after. Singh claimed that retiring from politics to him signaled quitting public support also, something that he is not prepared to do yet. But Kalyan Singh explained that he was not going back to electoral politics. “I’ve contested plenty of elections. I don’t wish to competition ,” he said.

The return of this 87-year-old politician to Uttar Pradesh’s politics comes at a time the Ayodhya land title dispute in the Supreme Court is at its final lap. A five-judge seat of the greatest court has been holding daily hearings to determine the Ayodhya’s Ram Janmabhoomi-Babri Masjid land dispute.

Kalyan Singh, who has twice been chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, has been the backward face of the BJP, which he’s left twice after differences with the party leadership.

Despite his advancing age, Kalyan Singh, a Lodh (OBC), whose son Rajveer is a Lok Sabha MP and grandson Sandeep, a minister at Yogi Adityanath authorities, is still thought of as key backward pioneer whose name remains respected within his community, a BJP leader said.

But it’s been his association with the temple movement that helped increase his stature within his party and outside.

His administration, and three other BJP authorities, was then dismissed.

Asked about the Ayodhya temple, Kalyan Singh said he wanted a Ram temple at Ayodhya”like millions of Hindus” and immediately turned his answer into a question about the stand of different parties.

“I’d like all political parties to clear their stance on the matter. Each party must explicitly say if they’re in favor of a temple or not,” he said.

Kalyan Singh was named among the accused in the Babri demolition conspiracy case that was investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation. After the event was revived in April 2017 on the Supreme Court’s orders, he had been left out because of the inherent immunity for governors from standing trial.

His aides, however, said that it doesn’t disturb the ageing stalwart or the BJP much.

“He’s always been a Ram bhakt. He did willingly go to jail on the problem, remember? Even as governor he advocated the temple trigger. So losing his immunity and being called for criminal conspiracy wouldn’t bother any of us,” said Kumar Lodhi, a diehard supporter of Kalyan Singh.

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