BJP lawmaker says IAS officer who resigned is traitor

BJP lawmaker says IAS officer who resigned is traitor, should Visit Pakistan

Residents of Sashikanth Senthil’s village at Mathur at Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram district have established a protest urging him to continue in service.Former Union minister and BJP’s Uttara Kannada MP Anant Kumar Hegde has named IAS officer Sashikanth Senthil who resigned as Dakshina Kannada’s deputy commissioner on Friday, a traitor and urged that the Karnakata authorities to sack him as the officer’s assistants in his village requested him to continue in service.

“The state government should realize that it should have sacked him after he started his contaminated mindset against the Union Government. The former union minister also stated that Senthil should visit Pakistan and directly fight against India instead of remaining here and dividing the country internally.

Hegde’s tweet came as residents of Senthil’s native village in Tamil Nadu’s Kancheepuram established a demonstration demanding that the officer withdraw his resignation.

Following Kannan Gopinathan, Sashikanth Senthil, a 2009 cadre officer, is the next IAS officer to resign protesting a number of their government’s policies.

In his resignation letter Senthil had promised that,”basic building blocks of our diverse democracy are being compromised in an unprecedented way.”

Dadra and Nagar Haveli’s power secretary Kannan Gopinathan said freedom of expression was suspension of fundamental rights in a state was one reason behind his decision to give up the service.

Hailing from a Dalit family, Senthil had cleared IAS evaluation in 2009. Mathur is a little village nearby Madhuranthagam city, in Kancheepuram district, located 85 kilometres Southwest of Chennai.

Residents of Mathur who say they’re disappointed with Senthil’s conclusion have established a protest urging the officer to examine his decision to resign. E Sambath, a resident of Mathur village,” stated Sashikanth Senthil is the first IAS officer in the village and they wish to see Senthil as a serving IAS officer.

“We all know Senthil from his youth. He always had an awareness concerning culture. He’s done a great deal for our village. He’s the guy behind uplifting our village library with various books. Senthil used to go to our village at least thrice in a year though he had been a busy IAS officer. He used to meet pupils and socialize in addition to help them. He encouraged pupils from Dalits and other communities also. He’s an inspiration for our villagers. Thus, we need him to continue in the service,” Sambath, who’s leading a demonstration in Mathur told HT.

After Senthil delivered his resignation on Friday, Karnataka Chief Secretary TM Vijaya Bhaskar requested him to reconsider his decision, but the prior Dhakshina Kannada DC was firm on his decision.

“My choice is ideological, and I am unable to retract that.

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