Shahid Kapoor on first meeting wife Mira Rajput:'My only thought was if we'll even last 15 minutes'

Shahid Kapoor on first meeting wife Mira Rajput:’My only thought was if we’ll even last 15 minutes’

Shahid Kapoor and wife Mira Rajput have talked about their marriage, kids Zain and Misha and the way they picked up on each other’s way of life. Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput have evolved together in four decades of the marriage and are now pleased to play’Daddy Pig’ and’Mummy Pig’ for their two children: Misha and Zain. Shahid has revealed how his first meeting with Mira went.

The actor said in an interview to Vogue that the first time they met, they talked for seven hours. . Are we going to last 15 minutes? ”’

“I have never been into films, which I believe was a fantastic thing because after that first chat, when we really got to know each other, it was for who we are…not for others think we are,” Mira said.

Speaking about how Mira responded to his role in a medication maniac at Udta Punjab, Shahid told the magazine,”We sat with a couch and somewhere round the period she had moved five feet off to another edge. She looked at me and said,’You are not this guy, right? Is this man anywhere inside you? Tell me now while I could still walk away! ”’

He also revealed her response to his 2015 movie Shaandaar, which turned out to be a disaster at the box office. “The sooner you proceed, the better,” she’d said.

She shared an extreme still of the actor from the movie on Instagram and composed,”Aa zamane aazmaale rooth ta nahi, Faaslon se hausla ye toot’ta nahi. It is your time to shine.”

Speaking about how her change of residence from Delhi to Mumbai has caused a change in her style sense, Mira said,”I have also picked up about the method of life and way of dressing … The first time I wore a pair of shorts was after I got married! His fluidity towards life is another quality I adore. It has helped me ease up a lot. He has lived more, so if anything, I could benefit from his expertise, and he can gain from my new perspective.”

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Mira is now one of the most talked about celebrity wives in Bollywood and is followed by the paparazzi where she goes. She’s regularly seen during her gym outings or with daughter Misha in her playschool.

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